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9 Nasty Things to Throw Away Today

Spring cleaning? From dangerous to disgusting — here are 9 things you don’t want in your home. …read more

Is Noni or Mangosteen Juice Safe?

Another case report of acute toxicity linked to noni juice ingestion, this time in a 14 year old. At least his liver didn’t fail completely like in two of the earlier cases. What do you expect from a product also known as “vomit fruit”? The multi-level marketing company that sells noni products blamed the aloe [...] …read more

Biologics R&D Leaders Forum, 25th – 27th February 2014â�¨, Brussels

This three-day event will develop upon the previous, highly successful meeting to further provide focused and in depth industry, regulatory and scientific perspectives in terms of what the factors are that hinder the progression of biologics in clinical development. Industry experts will talk about their experiences and give insight into the vital components that make up a successful early-stage strategy for biologic studies… …read more

3rd Annual Medical Affairs Leaders Forum, 11th – 12th February, 2014â�¨, Berlin

This 2 day forum is the “must attend” event for those senior decision-makers looking to drive their medical affairs teams and departments and enhance their KOL & stakeholder engagement at all levels… …read more

2nd Annual Pharma & Medical Device Nordic Market & Patient Access Forum, March 4-5, 2014, Stockholm

With changes in the cost-containment policies across the Nordic region (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland) for pharmaceutical & medical device pricing controls, value-assessment and reimbursement listing now taking shape, this event will bring together experts from a European and Nordic perspective to discuss how the region is evolving its value assessment and technology assessment mechanisms… …read more

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